Where do you deliver to?

At present, we only operate in Sydney Australia and deliver to those postcodes listed on checkout.

How do I cancel or return my product?

Simply log in to your account with us and click "cancel" to end your subscription. Someone from our team will then reach out to arrange the return of your item.

How do I change my payment details?

Simply log in to your account to change or update any of your details. If you have any trouble logging in feel free to contact us via the enquiry form. 

What if a product I want isn't available or is now sold out?

Most of our products are one-off unique pieces that cannot be restocked like your usual retailer. We do though have a product request form so you can tell us what you want to see in our next drop!

Are the items used?

Some of our items are brand new, some have been gently used and others have been rescued and reupholstered for another life. We sterilise and quality check each piece of furniture before and after they are rented. We also use professional steam cleaners on all of our upholstered items.

Is there a minimum term you must rent for?

Three months for our subscription furniture. For day, week or one month hires email us for a quote. 

What if I damage the items I am renting?

We want you to feel relaxed and at home with their pieces, like landlords who actually get "wear and tear". For peace of mind we offer complimentary accidental damage insurance up to $100 with every piece you hire. For damage that requires greater than $100 of repairs, you will be required to pay the RRP.

What if I want to buy it?

While we are called AntiCommitment, we do understand that there is the chance you will fall in love with your items. You of course can choose to buy your item at any time and you'll only pay the retail price (RRP) less any monthly payments you've made on them.

How sustainable are you?

Our mission is to create a more sustainable way of styling your home. We select pieces which are of a quality that ensures they can last years, and if damaged can be restored or reupholstered to continue their useful life and reduce the amount of furniture ending up in landfill. 

We are not here to greenwash though, and just because we are sustainably focussed does not mean we operate carbon free. Delivery and storage are two energy consuming components of our supply chain we are focussed on ensuring they can be as low impact as is feasible on the environment or at the very least offset. Stay tuned.