3 Reasons to Rent Furniture, Instead of Buying It


When people come across AntiCommitment it may be the first time they’ve seen a rental furniture service. 

Previously when furnishing their home they would only consider purchasing the furniture.

The idea of subscribing to furniture, just like we now subscribe to music, movies, dresses and cars, is that you pay monthly for what you use. And when you no longer want it you cancel your subscription, avoiding the hidden costs of ownership (having to move the item, store the item, clean it, responsibly dispose of it etc).

We asked our customers the main reasons they decided to rent furniture from us instead of buying furniture.

There were 3 common responses;


1. Save money

There are many financial benefits of renting furniture. One is that you avoid the high upfront outlay of capital, and can instead pay in bite size monthly amounts over time (similar to the buy now pay later models). Another is that you only pay for what you use - for instance, you may be only living in a place for 6 months or a year, and so you can furnish your home and only pay for the months you use the furniture, instead of copping all the cost of buying new furniture outright.


2. Reduce landfill

Many of our customers are greenies at heart, who are conscious of their consumption and use services within the share economy to use the world's resources most effectively (e.g., like Car Next Door, AirBnB). Unlike a lot of today’s furniture, the furniture you are subscribing with AntiCommitment to isn’t fast furniture made to be assembled once then thrown to the sidewalk. We source pieces that we believe can be in circulation for 50 years (like the furniture our grandparents had). So when you no longer want the pink armchair, it comes back to our warehouse to be cleaned, restored if required, and back out for someone else's enjoyment.


3. Enjoy the freedom and fun of commitment-free furniture 

Love constantly redesigning your bedroom but can’t justify doing this as frequently as you’d like to? Love a blue velvet sofa but are unsure you will love it a year from now? Commitment-free furniture allows you to be more playful with your designs. You don’t have to worry if you change your mind or if you move - because you can swap furniture pieces or cancel anytime.