Ever since moving out of home at age 18, I have had a frustration with my room. It has never really felt like home. A large part of this was because I was moving so frequently so I never invested too much in the space I know I’d only be in for 12 months as I would not know what the next place would hold. 

No room over those five years was ever the same. One had only space for a single bed, some had odd nooks that only specific pieces of furniture would fit into and others had dark wooden floors that meant my current set of drawers would clash horrifically. 

Moving always was an expensive exercise. From the first few weeks rent deposit, to the bond, and then splitting the white goods with housemates, it would be a number of months before I would have confidence in my debit card going through at the supermarket (though to be honest I still feel like its a 50/50 chance today). As a result, in one house my bed frame felt like an expense that would have to wait till later when cash flow smoothed out. Later soon became 6 months of living with my mattress on the ground. It was only "cool" for a week, and from then on was an impractical nightmare.